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The Hearthfire Vision

As self storage has proven resilient through major economic shifts and continues to consolidate at a rapid pace, our vision is to capitalize on this trend and become a top 50 owner-operator in two years. We will achieve this by implementing our proven progressive investment model to construct a portfolio of value-add properties that will be rolled up into a premier brand of institutional-grade assets that utilize a cutting-edge tech stack and the top services in the industry.   

We have assembled a team of industry experts across self-storage operations, revenue management, marketing, and technology to deliver an unparalleled customer experience and the highest potential returns for investors. We believe this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to capitalize on a market shift that is prime for our business model.

Self Storage Utilization is at an All-Time High

Self Storage Utilization % of US Population Using Self Storage

Syndication is a Great Way to Enter the Self Storage Market

Syndication is an effective way for investors to pool their financial and intellectual resources to invest in properties and projects much bigger than they could afford or manage on their own. Projects are funded by investors by allocating a percentage ownership based on capital contributed. Properties are acquired when fully funded, and also using leveraged financing when required. Owners receive quarterly distributions based on net income and a preferred return. Hold periods are 5-7 years, where investors also share in the equity appreciation through a capital event like refinance or other disposition of the property. Also, syndication allows investors to diversify into real estate (or self storage) without putting a majority of their personal investment portfolio into a singular investment.

We’ve built a track record of delivering great returns for our investors built on trust in our team and personal approach. Our commitment to promoting the best investment vehicle out there is anchored on our reputation of providing a comprehensive system and platform to make self storage investing as simple and accessible as possible for everyone.

Why Invest in Self Storage?

Ownership Consolidation

The pace of industry consolidation continues to pick up. Building market portfolios allows for the effective use of technology and economies of scale.

Cap Rate Compression

Cap rate compression has reached diminishing returns in the top 25 MSAs despite the low cost of capital. Decreasing cap rates in our target markets mean higher values for the same NOI.

Independent Operators Cashing Out

Independent operators continue to cash out on the favorable market conditions. Concerns about tax rates and possible 1031 exchange legislation revisions are driving more operators to sell in the short-term.

REITs & Other Large Private Buyers

REITs and larger private buyers need to place capital, and they are looking for better returns than what’s available in major MSAs. This market consolidation bodes well for huge exits.

Rapid Adaptability

Tenant base at these facilities is large, and owners are protected from the long-term vacancies that can occur in other commercial real estate categories. The short-term nature of the rentals also allows owners to quickly react to market conditions.

Consumer Behavior

COVID created a huge demand for home-based office and learning environments, increasing the need for external storage space.

High Rental Rates

Rental rates have increased substantially year over year in secondary and tertiary markets as COVID has loosened geographic restrictions for well-paying jobs.

All-Time High Utilization

The consumer behavior that drives people to self storage (downsizes, renovations, and relocations) becomes more prevalent during economic downturns, lending a countercyclical feature to the sector.

Increased Investor Interest

Self storage is seeing a big increase in investor capital, flocking from other asset classes. No toilets, tenants, trash or eviction moratoriums!


The self storage tech revolution continues to advance and mature rapidly, allowing our tech focus to thrive.

Hearthfire has a strong history
as a trusted steward of investor capital.

$50+ Million

Of assets under management across SFR, MF, commercial and self-storage since inception, as of 12/1/2021

100+ Investors

Including sophisticated investors, high net-worth individuals, trusts, SD 401k/ IRA and private entities

20+ Years In Real Estate, Self Storage Operations & Acquisitions

Operations management of a publicly traded REIT and over 70 SS properties. Over $250M in brokered transactions.

30+ Years in Finance and Wealth Management

Including the US Central Bank, Private Equity, Finance, and Wealth Management.

$12+ Million

Of equity commitments to investments since inception

40+ Years in Technology

Including application development and deployment, project management and information security. Total technology experience includes billions of dollars in capital investments and transaction volume.

Exits to Date Have Generated an
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of

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Meet the Hearthfire Team

Hearthfire Capital is a vertically integrated real estate private equity firm founded in 2012. We own and operate multiple companies that drive our investment strategies and shareholder value through tight integration, quality, and speed in execution.

Founded by Sergio and Corinn Altomare in 2012, we are a rapidly growing real estate investment firm. Our team’s experience spans acquisitions, development, operations, and management across residential and commercial asset classes.

We are aggressively acquiring additional assets that meet our strict underwriting requirements. Building wealth is a game best played together.

Sergio Altomare, Co-Founder and CEO

After transitioning into real estate as a side business in 2012, Sergio partnered with his wife Corinn to start Hearthfire Holdings, a boutique real estate investment and property management company. In just eight short years, Hearthfire Holdings has built a portfolio of more than $50M in assets under management and syndicated over $12M in assets, returning more than $2M in profit and 25 percent IRR to investors. Property types have spanned small multi-family, commercial, retail, and self-storage properties. Sergio has also flipped houses and rehabbed properties and multi-family developments.

Sergio began his career in 1994 working in the U.S. Federal Reserve System (FRS). During his 22+ years there, he worked his way up the corporate ladder in all facets of technology, including network engineering, information security, project management and architecture, and strategy. Sergio has worked on projects and implemented systems across the banking and financial industries, with budgets of more than $100M. Notable projects include implementing secure email, mobile strategy for the division of Banking Supervision and Regulation and enterprise collaboration for the entire Federal Reserve System. 

In 2015, Sergio was promoted to officer in charge of technology strategy for the Treasury Services Division of the FRS. He developed a strategy to consolidate enterprise storage and enhance treasury operations and support. His experience, IT skills, and ability to navigate the corporate ladder have given Sergio the foundation to build a real estate business and scale it through strong systems, processes, and data analytics. 

Bachelor of Science degree in Computing and Security Technology from Drexel University (Summa Cum Laude)

 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and many other IT certs, Licensed Realtor in PA 

Sergio and Corinn have been married since 2014 and live in Downingtown, PA. They’re proud parents of their beautiful four-year old daughter Stella. In his not-so-free time, Sergio enjoys RV camping, hiking, skiing, cooking, BBQ, gardening, technology and tinkering, traveling, and self-improvement. 

Corinn Altomare, Co-Founder and COO

Corinn’s transition into real estate began in 2012. As an individual investor, she acquired a triplex in Philadelphia’s Francisville neighborhood. The purchase was closely followed by additional acquisitions within a few very busy years—acquired initially through syndication with close family and friends. Corinn jumped into her new roles as owner and property manager across a quickly growing portfolio. After navigating a few investment property purchases, landlording, and tackling repairs and maintenance with her now-husband Sergio, the couple knew a formal partnership—in life and business—was in order. 

Corinn Altomare is a classically trained musician turned real estate investor. During her professional career as an opera singer, she performed a diverse range of repertoire spanning the baroque period to contemporary, from pop-up locations in city centers to reverent chapels nestled within European countrysides. After spending 13 years as a vagabond musician, however, Corinn was ready for a new challenge. That’s when she found real estate. 

Corinn comes from entrepreneurial parents—her mother founded and ran a Montessori preschool, and her father established a family and financial planning law practice. Corinn’s youngest childhood memories are of accompanying her parents on their daily entrepreneurial adventures. This early exposure served Corinn well as she pivoted to the realm of IT project management for five years. In this world, which was vastly different from her previous artistic and entrepreneurial pursuits, Corinn spent her time in growth, training, and development. 

After seven years in residential real estate, Hearthfire Holdings made a strategic pivot into self-storage. This decision was based largely on the state of the overheated, overextended market and the recognition of an impending downward correction. As it turns out, this decision came at the perfect time—the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the global economy in 1Q2020. 

Pre-planning for this shift began in 2017, and Hearthfire Holdings sold off smaller syndications 4Q2018-1Q2019. Funds from these sales were consolidated into a successful acquisition of a 25,000 NRSQFT self-storage facility in Lancaster County, PA in 3Q2019. 

Bachelor of Music from California State University, Long Beach and a Master of Music from University of Southern California 

Certified Apartment Manager through the National Apartment Association, Licensed Realtor in PA

In her free time, Corinn still enjoys singing with local community and religious music organizations. She also loves spending time with her four-year old daughter Stella, exploring humanity and our world from a toddler perspective. 

Mark McGuire, Chief Investment Officer

Mark McGuire is a lifelong student of the school of hard knocks, taking the road less traveled. He’s unconcerned with academic accolades and Greek affiliations—what you see is what you get. While Mark excelled in academics at both the high school and collegiate levels, he discovered his preferred method of learning is immersion. Real-life mistakes can’t be taught from a textbook. Time and time again, Mark has found that rolling up his sleeves and getting in the trenches is the only way to truly understand something. 

In 2008, Mark graduated from high school in the top eight percent of his class. He continued his academic pursuits at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. Mark never graduated from college because his curiosity got the best of him. He dropped out of school to pursue a career in music. The running joke in his family is that he went to college for three semesters nonconsecutively. From 2010-2014 Mark’s band climbed the musical ladder and opened for renowned musical acts, playing at acclaimed music festivals across the country. When Mark wasn’t writing, recording, touring, or performing, he worked a day job in property management.

The disparity between performing for sold-out crowds and plunging toilets kept him grounded. After seven years of relentlessly pursuing a music career through sheer grit, will, and determination, Mark’s band got a recording contract with RCA Records in 2014, but the terms weren’t right. Mark was given a choice: accept weak offer terms or pivot and reinvent himself. 

That’s when Mark plunged into real estate sales. After running hard on his own for three years, working 80-100-hour weeks, Mark realized he needed help. He transitioned his real estate practice to Keller Williams in 2017 to learn how to build a real estate business. He hired and fired agents, learned from his mistakes, and then re-hired all over again with a new perspective. Since 2013, Mark and his team have brokered more than 300 homes with a total sales volume exceeding $83M. 

Mark’s biggest passion is wealth building and investing. He is a limited partner in six syndications, ranging from multifamily to industrial, hospitality to self-storage. He has invested in multiple private companies in the biotech, finance, and AI spaces. In addition, he currently owns 20 residential units in various real estate partnerships and oversees the management of 130 residential units his family owns. Mark has also executed multiple 1031 exchanges. He’s seen up-markets and down-markets and discovered opportunities in both.

Licensed Realtor in PA

When he’s not overseeing existing investments or vetting new opportunities, Mark can be found snowboarding, fishing, or playing basketball. He also enjoys exploring new places with his wife Leah and his golden doodle Mochi. Mark loves taking things apart to understand how they work. He enjoys listening to podcasts, reading books, and sharpening his axe to perform at a higher level across all aspects of his life.

Jim McCallister, Investor Relations

Jim has a passion for learning new concepts that help him grow as an individual. He quickly realized that real estate investing would be the best way to achieve that self-growth. Though it’s still early in his investing career, Jim has a wealth of knowledge about how private equity deals operate. He is currently invested in two real estate syndications and looks to build a portfolio of real estate properties so he can live a fruitful, exciting life with his family. 

Jim has a comprehensive operational and service background in the financial services industry. He began his career out of college in 2010 with SEI Investments, where he administered operational back-office functions for private equity, hedge and alternative investment clients. He eventually managed a team that oversaw automated daily transactions processing for all clients with the SEI Investment Management Services unit. 

In 2017, Jim transitioned his career to wealth management for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families. Most recently he managed daily operations and client service functions for a $2 billion RIA and wealth-planning firm. 

Jim joined Hearthfire Holdings in 2021 to continue his pursuit of real estate investing and contribute operational value-add functions to the Hearthfire team.

Master of Finance from Penn State University and Bachelor of Accounting from Penn State University 

Jim lives in Hatfield, PA. He and his wife Rachel have been married since 2017. They’re the proud parents of two daughters, Mackenzie (3) and Addison (1). In his free time, Jim enjoys golfing, hiking, and snowboarding and continuing to learn and grow as a husband and father. 

He spends his mornings reading and listening to podcasts to educate himself on entrepreneurial growth and wealth-building strategies. 

Will Lockard, Construction Project Manager

Relationships are currency in the construction business, and Will has established an abundance of connections over the years—as a project manager, self-storage site manager, and owner of a construction company. As Hearthfire’s Director of Construction, Will manages all aspects of projects, from planning through completion. A significant part of his role includes building and maintaining relationships with contractors and subcontractors.

Will was introduced to the self-storage industry by a family friend who owned multiple self-storage facilities. After pursuing several years of training to become an electrical engineer, Will accepted a position as an on-site manager for a self-storage facility, overseeing day-to-day operations of the facility. Gradually he shifted to project management and spent several years managing construction projects and performing facility maintenance. 


These experiences were the catalysts that drove Will to start his own construction company. For five years, Will’s company worked strictly with self-storage facilities. The company handled the construction of new steel buildings and general maintenance. 


Will was introduced to Hearthfire when one of their self-storage facilities needed repairs. This came at a time when Sergio and Corinn were searching for someone to oversee Hearthfire’s new expansions, capital improvements, and facility maintenance. 

Will is a huge NFL fan (go Colts!). One of his bucket list items is attending a game at every NFL stadium throughout the country. 

When he’s not watching football, Will loves hunting and gaming. He’s also a technology connoisseur and has a side gig building computers. 

Josh Irons, Marketing Officer

Josh Irons is a seasoned digital-first marketer and agency owner who helps growing businesses take marketing off of their to-do lists.  He runs a team of brilliant marketers who develop strategy and execute on marketing campaigns for all business lines for Hearthfire Holdings. 

A seasoned leader and dedicated mentor of talent, he has more than 20-years of experience using marketing tactics to grow revenue at both small and large companies. Josh began his career in 2000 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia as a public relations manager and transitioned into a role where he managed the Bank’s public facing websites. Starting then he demonstrated a proven track record of reliable performance in the areas of effective P&L management, team leadership, strategic thinking, long-term client relationship building and new business development. Josh owns a marketing agency, River Avenue Digital, and was Chief Operating Officer at Converge Consulting, a higher education focused digital agency, where he grew a team that doubled revenue and twice made the Inc. 5000 list. Clients included Tulane University, Villanova University, Northwestern University, and the University of Arizona.

He joined Converge from Leadnomics, a marketing and lead generation agency where he was Vice President of Sales and Account Management. Before that Josh served in various sales & marketing leadership roles at a leading higher education marketing company, EducationDynamics.  

Josh earned an MBA from Villanova with a marketing specialization, a BA in Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising from Temple University and an international business certificate from Bocconi University in Milan Italy. 

Josh has Google Analytics and AdWords Certifications and holds an Inbound Marketing Certificate & Sales Certificate both from HubSpot.

Josh lives in Springfield, PA with his wife Dawn, son Ari, and pup Panda. A strong proponent of community service, Josh dedicates time to causes such as Big Brother Big Sister of South Eastern PA, Toys for Tots, and the Movember Foundation. Josh is also a rabid baseball fan that can name every Yankee from the past 25 years. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, smoking meat, and listening to new music.

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Testimonials From Our Investors

We've been investing with Hearthfire Holdings since 2014 and have gotten a 216% return on our investment, which exceeded their projections. Given this success and having self-managed our residential multifamily portfolio for years we decided to turn it over to Hearthfire. Their cutting edge expertise, use of technology and comprehensive approach to investing in and managing real-estate made the decision easy for us. Graduating from being "property owners " to "investors" has given us the freedom to enjoy our retirement with family and friends.
Jeff K.
Hearthfire Investor

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