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Closed! Hearthfire Income Portfolio

Hearthfire is thrilled to share this most recent closing in LaPorte, IN!
Hearthfire first entered the Northwest Indiana market in late 2021. This mini-storage acquisition will serve as an annex location – with 19,200 SF and 107 units – to the 60,575 SF and 548 units being developed 0.2 miles away.
This off-market acquisition is the third and final property within the Hearthfire Income Portfolio. Our market presence led the owner to sell it to us directly, which turned out to be a 40% discount from the appraisal.
Thank you to all the Hearthfire Team and partners who helped us make this happen. And congratulations to our Investors on this addition!

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Testimonial – Greg Fanelli

Come and discover Greg’s journey with Hearthfire Holdings, from its humble beginnings to its development and expansion across different regions.

Greg will delve into the opportunities he has encountered with the company and the accomplishments he has realized through his participation. Listen directly to how Hearthfire has played a significant role in shaping Greg’s path to success.

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Decoding Deals with Henry Metcalf, Hearthfire Holdings, Director of Acquisitions

Mastering the Numbers for Successful Investment Understanding the financial aspects of storage deals and the operational dynamics of storage facilities are crucial for successful investments.
To read the numbers in deals, it’s essential to analyze factors such as cash flow, cap rates, and operating expenses. Additionally, gaining insight into how storage facilities work involves understanding occupancy rates, rental trends, and the impact of location on demand. Delving into these aspects will provide a comprehensive understanding of the numbers and operational intricacies crucial for effective decision-making in real estate investments. View the overview here.

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Need Humans? It's Time to Hire: Michael Bailargeon

Need Humans? It’s Time to Hire!​

In an age in which technology is so widely available in the self-stroage industry and many facilities automated or managed remotely, do we still need to worry about hiring human beings?

Read the full article in ISS Inside Self-Storage.

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