Hearthfire Holdings Announces Completion of Indiana Portfolio Acquisition

WEST CHESTER, PA – Hearthfire Holdings, a rapidly growing US-based real estate investment and property management firm, announced it has completed the acquisition of five self-storage properties as part of Hearthfire Growth Fund II.

“With this acquisition, Hearthfire Capital’s self-storage assets under management now include 11 facilities, 2,534 units, and 374,507 net rentable square feet,” said Co-Founder and CEO of Hearthfire Holdings Sergio Altomare. “The combined value of the portfolio is over $40 million.”

The assets are now wholly-owned properties of Hearthfire Holdings under the terms of the acquisition agreement unanimously signed by both parties (Hearthfire Holdings and two owners of the properties). The properties will be rebranded to join the rest of the portfolio as Hearthfire Self Storage. For weeks, Hearthfire’s team of industry experts have been implementing the company’s proven progressive investment model while working to expand the firm’s portfolio and make it operate at premium standards.

Hearthfire Growth Fund II was closed with this acquisition, which included a $5 million equity raise, and projected yield of over 19% IRR, and an equity multiple of 2.2X at a 5-year exit. The fund targeted exclusive investments in value-add self-storage opportunities in secondary and tertiary markets in the eastern Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast.

While expressing his gratitude to investors for making the acquisition a reality, Sergio mentioned the tremendous benefits they’ve already seen from the investment. 

“Congratulations to all of our incredible investors we’ll be partnering with on this great project. As you know from the gains we have in place already, your diligence and action are already paying off tremendously!”

With this acquisition, Hearthfire Holdings has entered the top 100 owner-operators in the US and will leverage the Indiana portfolio to achieve its vision of becoming a top 50 owner-operator in the next 2 years. The firm is constructing a portfolio of value-add properties rolled into a premier brand of institutional-grade assets that utilize cutting-edge technology and the best services in the industry. 

Interested and qualified investors are advised to register for the Syndication InsiderTM mailing list by visiting hfirecapital.com to learn about new investment opportunities.

For more information about Hearthfire Holdings’ Indiana portfolio or about Hearthfire Growth Fund II, visit growthfundii.hfireholdings.com.

About Hearthfire Holdings

Hearthfire Holdings is a family-owned and operated boutique real estate investment and property management firm founded by Sergio and Corinn Altomare in 2012. The company combines robust business practices with the most streamlined and automated systems available on the market, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and the highest level of service to bring the best possible experiences for investment owners and tenants.