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Hearthfire’s team has been featured across industry conferences, publications, private in person and virtual networks, organizations, and podcasts. We regularly speak not only on the specifics of self storage, but also the benefits of investing and individual journeys of personal and professional growth.

Decoding Deals with Henry Metcalf, Hearthfire Holdings, Director of Acquisitions

Mastering the Numbers for Successful Investment Understanding the financial aspects of storage deals and the operational dynamics of storage facilities are crucial for successful investments.
To read the numbers in deals, it’s essential to analyze factors such as cash flow, cap rates, and operating expenses. Additionally, gaining insight into how storage facilities work involves understanding occupancy rates, rental trends, and the impact of location on demand. Delving into these aspects will provide a comprehensive understanding of the numbers and operational intricacies crucial for effective decision-making in real estate investments. View the overview here.

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