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Our Speakers

Hearthfire’s experts have helped many organizations and podcast hosts learn more about syndication. They are regularly speaking to audiences across industries about the benefits of investing and relate that to their individual journeys. You can view and listen to samples below.

Real Estate Syndication Spotlight

Your host, Annie Dickerson, talks with Sergio Altomare of Hearthfire Holdings. Hearthfire Holdings have been investing in real estate across the country for over 30 years. Starting with a single triplex, they have grown to syndicate and manage self-storage residential, multi-family, and commercial properties.

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The Real Estate Syndication Show

Why Technology Matters in Real Estate

While there’s a new breed of real estate clients emerging – technology savvy and digitally driven – there are also tech tools and online branding strategies available to real estate businesses to help them adapt to the fast-paced approach needed to satisfy these clients’ needs.

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Self Storage and Self Discovery w/ Mark Mcguire

Mark McGuire: Self Storage and Self Discovery

Mark Mcguire is a real estate investor and partner in Hearthfire Holdings – a Self Storage Syndication Fund. Mark began his career as a musician but realized tour life was no longer for him as the band began to break up. Shortly after he became a licensed Realtor and began his investing career in single family homes.

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