Passive Investing Exposed: The Anatomy of the Deal

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting your journey in the world of passive investing, this webinar is packed with valuable insights and actionable advice to help you make informed decisions and achieve financial freedom!

In this webinar, our panelists dive deep into the world of passive investing, revealing the intricacies and strategies behind successful deals.

You’ll learn:

1️⃣ The key principles of passive investing and why it’s an attractive option for many investors

2️⃣ The structure and anatomy of a typical passive investment deal

3️⃣ How to evaluate potential investment opportunities and choose the right ones for you

4️⃣ The role of syndications and crowdfunding platforms in passive investing

5️⃣ Tips and tricks for mitigating risk and maximizing returns

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Ray Bayat

Principal @NetCo Investments

Ray began investing as a passive investor after 20+ years of being a sponsor on shopping center investments. His interest in passively investing is to diversify his income. He has had success in investing in operating companies, distressed consumer debt, debt funds, side-car loans, and multifamily funds. His biggest lesson was investing in an operating company in the youth soccer sector where he lost money but gained massive knowledge and experience in what to look for in a deal and sponsor.

Hans Box 

Co-founder @Box Wilson Equity 

Hans has been an active and passive investor for over 15 years. He currently holds LP interests in 50+ deals, including multifamily, self storage, MHPs, RV parks, industrial, retail, office, land, distressed debt, credit funds, cannabis, operating companies and various PE and VC funds. He invests using cash, pension funds, mega Roth 401k’s, and direct and leveraged whole life insurance policies.

Sergio Altomare

Co-founder and CEO @Hearthfire Holdings

Sergio has been an active and passive investor for over 20 years. He and his family currently hold assets in real estate, equities, private businesses and startups, gold and silver, crypto, and even a survival company. He invests using cash, self-directed retirement accounts, and direct and leveraged whole life insurance policies.

Steven Hatcher

Owner @Triad Dentistry

Steven is a private investor who lives in between the B and I quadrant. Steven has built an incredible passive investment model and income stream that is anchored in extensive due diligence and discipline.

Matt Faircloth

CEO @DeRosa Capital

Matt Faircloth has been a full-time investor since 2005. In that time he has successfully completed projects involving dozens of fix and flips, office buildings, single-family homes, and apartment buildings. He is a regular contributor and podcast guest on Bigger Pockets.com, has an active YouTube Channel dedicated to educating investors.